iPhone apps for tracking weight loss

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    • iPhone apps for tracking weight loss

      Hi all, I thought I'd share these 2 iPhone apps that help you track your weight loss.

      The first one is called "Weightbot". It tracks your weight and displays the weight loss on a graph with details of your progress. You can choose to password protect it, and can also backup to their website to keep your data. The app also works with a wifi scale (what will they think of next!!), that will automatically upload your weight to the app. I'm happy to manually enter it, but the option is there for those gadget-lovers out there

      The second one is called "BodyShot". You use your iPhone camera to take photos each week. That way you have a visual track of your weight loss progress. You can also enter in your measurements for tracking, set reminders, and password protect.

      Hope some of you find this helpful as other tools to help you along your journey, and would be interested to hear of any other apps people are using :D
    • Re: iPhone apps for tracking weight loss

      hey minkz,

      I use MyDietDiary to keep track of my excersize, food intake and daily weight.. i dont really go off the info it supplys me as i dont know how accurate it is but i find it great to record what ive eaten when im not near the computer to write it on here..

      at the end of the day i type out what is in my food diary to share in my POH diary so everyone else whos doing bt etc can see what kinda foods ive tried n wotnot :)

      Also i did try an app for a pedomter as i need to purchase one, i dont think it worked great i walked for an hour and it counted 5800 steps.. i dono how acurate that was but my legs have been hurting ever since lol
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