Bodytrim weight loss pattern

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    • Bodytrim weight loss pattern

      Hey Folks,

      Ok, so I know my husband and I have gone against one of Geoff's suggestions in his DVD because we've been weighing ourselves everyday. It's not obsessive, it's just plain curiosity to see how this diet is affecting our system and what the pattern of loss looks like... But it's led to this question and I wonder if anyone has the answer...

      Ben lost 900g after the first day of detox, 800g the next day and on the third day 300g... yesterday he weighed the same, no weight loss and today he's put on 500g...

      My experience is similar...

      after day 1 800g, day 2 600g, day 3, 300g, and today, Day 4, my weight was steady so no loss and today I've put 300g back on.

      We went out to dinner last night as it was my sisters birthday but we were SO GOOD!!! In the face of an Italian FEAST we ate grilled calamari, grilled chicken and salad... And we left the plates half full cause the servings were HUGE!! We drank mineral water and diet coke all night AND we turned down Mum's luscious home made pav with whipped cream and mixed berries for dessert OMG :eek:!!!!!

      So I just wondered if this was a normal process for weight to fluctuate like this during the week :confused: or if perhaps we're doing something wrong? Geoff's promise of 5kg in the first week isn't going to manifest at this rate. We've both got 2 days to drop another 2.5 kgs!!
    • Re: Bodytrim weight loss pattern

      Ok, for breakfast yesterday I had

      1 (machine) coffee with soy milk
      80g scrambled egg and a half a piece of toast (as there are also carbs and protein in the soy milk)

      50g protein snack was 2 chipolatas (which WAS an error... I though Ben had bagged them up for us but turns out they were meant for the kids... Probably carbs in those and definitely a bit on the fatty side)

      Lunch was 100g of flavoured tuna and a green salad

      I missed my afternoon snack as I was packing up from a full training day at the time I was supposed to eat

      Dinner was grilled squid and a green salad... Also had a few little bits off the tasting plate. A chicken wingette, some olives, a bit of marinated artichoke heart and some mixed cabbage leaves

      Didn't get through the evening snack either as I was so full from dinner!

      Pretty sure I got my 2L of water in yesterday, I didn't measure accurately because I was in front of a classroom all day... But I kept a big glass of water with me and I filled it about 3 times. Plus I shared a litre of mineral water with Ben at dinner.

      Did 30 mins on the treadmill before bed as well as being on my feet all day teaching.

      Tuesday consisted of
      soy milk coffee as above
      1/2 cup of natural yoghurt with protein powder and a tablespoon of muesli for crunch (avoiding the dried fruity bits)

      slice of roast beef with a smidge of mustard for snack

      Flavoured tuna and green salad for lunch

      shaved ham with mustard for afternoon snack

      Marinated kangaroo steaks and steamed vegies (broccoli, cabbage and zucchini) for dinner

      Ricotta and sugar free jelly cheesecake for evening snack

      Definitely got my 2L of water in Tuesday... Only got through 15 mins on the treadmill though as I was working from home and chained to the desk till after 8pm... By then I was mentally and physically exhausted and just had to go to bed before I collapsed!!
    • Re: Bodytrim weight loss pattern

      Ben's actual intake is a bit different from mine. He mostly has eggs on toast for breakfast, doesn't drink coffee in the morning

      The rest of the day up to the evening meal we both chop and change from a range of pre-bagged proteins in the fridge. He measures everything out and bags it in 50g lots and we just grab what we feel like at the time.
    • Re: Bodytrim weight loss pattern

      Sorry, I keep thinking of things! ha ha ha... Bodytrim is a 3 day detox so the main change since Monday is that we've added fibrous carb back in the form of vegetables and salads... I've also had a little bit of dairy which in the program DVDs is said is 'tolerated'... I've only had a small serve and only in the morning.

      But it was definitely AFTER we reintroduced vege that the weight loss really dropped off.
    • Re: Bodytrim weight loss pattern

      hey ange

      day 8 for me.. i lost 5.1kg when i weighed in yesterday, but i too was curious to know if that was all from the detox as most of it was and the last few days were minimum weight loss .. so i weighed myself this morning same time as yesterday and i was up 0.1kg ..

      im assuming the body has to adjust to the 'new foods' we have added and once it does then it should be fine..

      my plan is to carry on doing what im doing and re-asess the weight change at my next weigh in.. and im not going to weigh myself again until next wednesday when it is week 2 weigh in.. although im not really following the rules as im holding off my free day for the weekend because my partner is only here for weekends and works away during the week and id like to be able to have meals with him for my free day .. i figured holding out a few more day cant hurt.. and then i'll spike my levels and make my body wake up hopefully lol..

      i will say though.. dont sweat the small stuff.. i found a link on here where someone had posted some excell charts etc and his weight loss was small few grams each week maybe a kilo here and there but over the time he lost heaps!!! so it all adds up in the end no matter how big or small :D
      [Blocked Image:]

      [COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="1"]Goal 01: 75Kg .......................... accomplished!
      Goal 02: 70kg .......................... accomplished!
      Goal 03: 65kg
      Goal 04: 59kg[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    • Re: Bodytrim weight loss pattern

      I wouldn't blame the veg and salads as they are pretty low anyway and you should be having them but that slight increase could be from the change particularly the carbs in the morning as long as you start losing again now, I wouldn't worry.

      Re blaming the veggies, keep in mind the same weight loss in the first few days happens on other low carb diets like Atkins that do not have protein only days.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Bodytrim weight loss pattern

      Also you may have has a sudden increase in salt intake from the chipolatas which may have caused some temporary fluid gain.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.