Broken through the plateau (I hope)

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    • Broken through the plateau (I hope)

      OMG I just had to share... I've been so dejected over the past week and a bit watching Ben's weight drop off while I was hovering between 73.4 and going up to 74.5kgs at some weigh ins... Anyway, last night I had a break through...

      (I will now have to admit I'm a bit obsessed with the scales at the moment)... So yesterday morning I weighed 73.8kgs when I got on the scales... Last night I weighed myself again and had only put on 100g and I couldn't help but crack a smile because previously I've added about a kilo over the course of the day... So I knew my body was in serious burning mode... So this morning I jumped on again and to my absolute JOY I've busted through that mid 73 mark and am now down to 73.2kgs!! YAY Hoping to be in the 72s by Sunday free day now :)

      So what this means is that I'm now lighter than I was when I started the Michelle Bridges Body Transformation last year... AND since the end of April, I've offically lost 4.5kgs (2.5 of those in the last 2 and a bit weeks)
    • Re: Broken through the plateau (I hope)

      Fantastic weight loss -try not to take notice of Ben's rapid weight loss as men lose weight quicker than us - & try not to weigh at night after your days food as that can be very discouraging. So what did you think of the Michelle Bridges Transformation would you do it again.
    • Re: Broken through the plateau (I hope)

      I don't think I'd do the Michelle Bridges course again. It's great value in regards to initial outlay, around $200 for a 16 week program which covers everything from mental readiness and preparation to fitness programs and menus/recipes plus forum support both nationally and in your own local area and video lessons plus the opportunity to participate in live feeds where Michelle will answer your questions directly via live video feed...

      I found however that it required a huge time commitment and the menus when you're feeding a family of 4 became extortionate... Our food bill jumped from about $250 a week to almost $400 a week buying every little ingredient you needed for every dish and all the expensive, gourmet products.

      Also, it requires a commitment to do at least an hour of exercise 6 days a week with 'super sessions' on the weekend which take more like 2-3 hours... I don't want to be a professional gym junkie, I have other things I need to do with my time and exercise and me aren't great friends at the best of times!! LOL... I just want to be in a healthy weight range.

      But saying that, a good friend of mine lost 20kgs on the 12WBT program, just today she celebrated her 1st anniversary of reaching her goal weight and is still going strong. So it works, if it's the right program for you.
    • Re: Broken through the plateau (I hope)

      If you pay out money you will stick with it to get your moneys worth - it's the same with Weight Watchers. Most people who do WW will lose weight but if you check with them after they have lost their weight have they kept the weight off in most cases they haven't. Devising your own diet is the better way to go.