Cheese Cake

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    • Can someone tell me the receipe for this cheesecake I keep reading about???

      Sound Great!

      Oh boy I'm going to do great on this diet. Ha ha.:p

      Does it get easier as the weight starts coming off? And also how many tablespoons of Flaxseed oil should I be having a day?
    • Hi Ellie
      The cheesecake recipe is very easy. You will find it in the low carb recipe section.
      I have found that this way of living gets much much easier the further along you go.
      When we first started, my husband was VERY skeptical, and told me that if he lost 10kg, he would shave his beard off (something that he refused to do because of his "fat" face). That was about one a half kg ago :D .
      I have lost about7.5kg in the last seven weeks. It came off quicker to start off with, and now it is slow and steady, but as long as it doesnt start coming back on, I really cant complain.
      We have been high carbing the last couple of days, and I feel horrible. We were so looking forward to eating junky food for a change, and I can tell you, I am hanging to get right back into low carb eating again.
      Dont let boredom get the better of you, it is surprising how you change your whole way of cooking to incorporate this way of life.
      Hubby is now converting anyone and everyone he can to this way of life. His weight dropped off him within about six weeks, and he feels on top of the world, even though he was wrong. This is the first time in our lives that we have accepted that if we are to get to our goal weight, and stay there, we have to change our eating habits, not just alter them until it "suits us".
      I wish you all the best in your change for the better.

    • Oh boy I'm going to do great on this diet.

      Yes I'm sure you will do great!!
      Here is the link to the cheesecakes, there are about 6 pages, so take your time and have a look through them all. I make the totally guilt free one or the easy peasy, with or without a base, they are delicious both ways.

      The Low Carb Cheesecake Thread

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