Moonie, Sherrie, Tyse help please!

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    • Moonie, Sherrie, Tyse help please!

      Ok guy's it is beyond me as to why we have a search thingy on here as it never gives me the info I want.

      My friend is female 5"3 and 89 kilo, I have her now interested in l/carb and was going to find out how much PFC she should be on.
      Now I seem to remember Sherrie and Tyse posting how to calculate but I have been all the way through Tyse's diary and god knows how far through Sherrie's and I give up.

      Pretty please can some one work it out or tell me how to do it so I can give it to her.
      Moonie I know how good you are at finding things, that's why I have called on your help too.:D
    • Hi Pixie, sometimes that search is a pain isn't it. Putting PFC in would get you nowhere, because it doesn't seem to do words of three letters..
      If I were you I would print out the induction page for your friend and tell her to only eat what is on that list for two weeks, nothing else.
      Mucking around with PFC for the first two weeks while your body is changing it's energy source would be to much of a pain, especially if she starts feeling yuck.
      Here is a link for you to read that might help. I am sure there are some others as well.
      P.S tell your friend good luck;)