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Regardless what low-carb diet you choose, it is always good to begin your diet with just the basics. This means basically using only low-carb whole foods.

I want to emphasise that low-carb isn't a low fat diet, so don't think you need to eat low-fat during this time. Sometimes this can be detrimental as low-fat foods tend to contain more sugar, either because they add sugar to make the low-fat food more palatable or the composition of the food changes when the fat is reduced. A good example of this is milk and cream as the lower fat varieties contain more lactose!

I would even go so far as suggesting abstaining from sweeteners for the first couple of weeks (but that's up to you) . There's a few reasons for this:

  • Firstly, it will help by hopefully ensuring weight loss and thus show you first hand how effective the low-carb diet can be, as well as providing motivation.
  • Secondly, by doing this you are more likely to be able to spot a potential trouble maker whether it be an allergy, intolerance or weight staller.
  • Thirdly, you will change those taste buds. After, a couple of weeks of no sweeteners you will find, you crave sweet things less as well as being able to taste the natural sweeteners in foods. Thus, when you start introducing them back in, you will require and want less!

However, having said that - I also find that gradually over time, you will find you need less sweetener in things that you make, anyway. For this reason, I always suggest when following a recipe put in 1/2 to 1/3 of the required sweetener and then add the rest to taste. This is the beauty of making things from scratch yourself instead of buying low-carb products as you can change ingredients as your tastes/preferences change.

You might think 2 weeks won't make a difference, but I really found it helped me heaps. When you start adding other low-carb foods in, introduce them one at a time and keep them a few days to a week apart, that way you will be more likely to spot any problems with them straight away!

Also, remember just because something is low carb doesn't mean it is good for you, low-carb processed foods whilst lacking in carbohydrates can still contain some of the same rubbish as high-carb foods. Rubbish such as, food additives, trans fats and other undesirable ingredients or byproducts of the processing such as MSG. As well as that, they are more likely to contain, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners/colours/flavours and soy amongst others. Sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners as well as 'natural' ones like stevia are not created equal and soy really is not the wonder food it is cracked up to be.

Please educate yourself on these when you have some spare time, as I feel it is, really important. One preservative alone known as 282, has been implicated in so many health and behavioral issues in children it really should be banned, it is most commonly found in low-carb bread and high-carb bread products...