Low Carb/Weight Loss Diary

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The best thing you can do when starting your low-carb diet is to be prepared first, don't go putting it off until next week, or next month, just get everything in order now and then start!

You would be surprised just how much a low-carb weight-loss diet diary can really help, as they allow you to keep a journal of important events such as:

  • what you eat and drink
  • weight and measurements
  • blood test results and changes to them
  • any exercise and activities you do
  • stress and your emotional well being
  • health such as cravings, digestive disturbances, tiredness, hormonal cycles and fatigue
  • any medications or supplements you take
  • changes to your medications
  • important events that occur in your life during your weight loss journey
  • even just letting off some steam!

This important information can be used to spot important triggers and trends, as well as provide a history in case you need to look back on what worked and what didn't.

Even better, is an online diary where other people with similar goals are present like on our low-carb forums. What this does is provide a platform for people to check on your progress, offer support and advice, as well as serve to keep you accountable for your actions. You might think being accountable is bad but actually this is a good thing, as it helps keep you motivated to stay on track. Not only that, if you fall off the wagon, people are right there to help you get back on with great low carb advice, suggestions and tips!

Our diary section is private to unregistered / not logged in users offering a little more privacy then if it was public to all. To make a low-carb food / diet diary, just start a new thread in the members' diary section and call it whatever you would like to call your diary and viola. Just reply to it to keep it updated, other members' will reply also and offer you feedback and motivation / support.