Carb Counts for Low Carb Foods

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I have made a list of carbohydrate counts to help you with your low carb diet or lifestyle. I have included moderate and high carbohydrate fruit and vegetable counts to go with these, so that you can get a fuller picture of the carb values as you have a direct comparison, and are better able to choose the low-carb foods, great for maintenance when you want to add more variety. You may even be surprised by some of the carb values! This I feel, will help to... (read more)

Carb Counts for Dairy

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When it comes to dairy, the higher fat content items are usually lower in carbohydrates then their low fat counterparts. With cheeses like cottage and ricotta, make sure you scan the labels - as there seems to be a lot of variation between brands. Whilst milk isn't high carb, it does add up and thus is usually omitted on a low carb diet, especially in the early days. Don't be afraid to use cream instead for beverages such as coffee, as a little goes a long way and the rest can... (read more)

Carb Counts for Fruits

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Fruits are an interesting one, berries for instance are often touted as low carb fruits but as you can see below, most are not. Infact some stone fruits which are thought to be high carb are a touch lower then "low carb" berries such as raspberries and blackberries and a lot lower then blueberries!Now fresh cranberries are a low carb fruit, I have not been able to include the count because I cannot find Australian information on them only American which isn&... (read more)

Carb Counts for Nuts and seeds

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Most nuts and seeds are low carb but I was quite surprised to see that pumpkin seeds are high carb. Of course with something like pumpkin seeds you need to consider how much you would actually eat. Low Carb Nuts and Seeds (5g or less) ... (read more)

Carb Counts for Vegetables

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The good news is most vegetables are low carb! What I find interesting, is even though these are still high carb, white potatoes are lower carb then sweet potato. Personally, as long as you get good quality organic ones, I don't see a reason to replace potatoes with sweet potatoes during maintenance if you like them, you can reduce their GI by simply eating them with fat or fibrous veggies which most people do! ... (read more)