Carb Counts for Fruits

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Fruits are an interesting one, berries for instance are often touted as low carb fruits but as you can see below, most are not. Infact some stone fruits which are thought to be high carb are a touch lower then "low carb" berries such as raspberries and blackberries and a lot lower then blueberries!

Now fresh cranberries are a low carb fruit, I have not been able to include the count because I cannot find Australian information on them only American which isn't accurate. Unsweetened dried cranberries are also low carb but every one that I have come across has sugar or fruit juice added. Out of these, there's only one I have found, that's not ridiculously high and that's the brand Our Organics.

Low Carb Fruits (5g or less)per 100g
Babaco / Champagne fruit, peeled3.1g
Cranberries, fresh (unsweetened missing in databases)
Guava, Hawaiian3.5g
Lemon, peeled1.8g
Lime, peeled1.2g
Loquat, peeled4.9g
Honey Dew melon - yellow skin, peeled4.4g
Pepino, peeled4.8g
Rhubarb, stalk1.7g
Tamarillo, peeled3.4g
Wax Jumbo4.5g
Moderate Carb Fruits (10g or less)
Grapefruit, peeled5.4g
Honey Dew Melon - White skin, peeled7.1g
Kiwifruit - Hayward, peeled9.1g
Mandarin - Imperial, peeled9.0g
Mandarin - Tangelo, peeled7.8g
Mandarin - Tangor, peeled8.8g
Orange Navel - Lane Late, peeled9.0g
Orange Navel - Leng, peeled8.5g
Orange Navel - Washington, peeled8.0g
Orange Valencia, peeled6.9g
Passionfruit, peeled5.7g
Pawpaw / Papaya, peeled6.9g
Pear - Packhams Triumph9.1g
Pear - William Bartlett8.9g
Pineapple - Cayenne, peeled8.2g
Prickly Pear, peeled8.8g
Rockmelon / Cantaloupe, peeled5.7g
Watermelon, peeled6.4g
High Carb Fruits (10g or more)
Apple - Bonza11.5g
Apple - Fuji12.1g
Apple - Golden Delicous10.8g
Apple - Granny Smith10.7g
Apple - Jonathon11.9g
Apple - Pink Lady11.9g
Apple - Red Delicous12.8g
Apple - Royal Gala12.1g
Banana - Cavendish19.6g
Banana - Lady Finger25.0g
Custard Apple - African Pride15.8g
Grape - Black Muscatel18.8g
Grape - Black Sultana14.0g
Grape - Cornichon12.7g
Grape - Red Globe16.3g
Grape - Thompson Seedless15.5g
Grape - Waltham Cross14.4g
Jackfruit, peeled16.7g
Kiwifruit - Gold, peeled11.1g
Lychee, peeled16.2g
Mango, peeled11.6g
Pear - Brown10.4g
Pear - Nashi11.1g
Persimmon, peeled16.1g
Pomegranate, peeled13.5g
Prune (dried plum)32.5g
Quince, peeled11.0g
Sultana, dried75.0g