Carb Counts for Low Carb Foods

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I have made a list of carbohydrate counts to help you with your low carb diet or lifestyle. I have included moderate and high carbohydrate fruit and vegetable counts to go with these, so that you can get a fuller picture of the carb values as you have a direct comparison, and are better able to choose the low-carb foods, great for maintenance when you want to add more variety. You may even be surprised by some of the carb values!

This I feel, will help to educate you to instinctively make better food choices and portion control where carbohydrates are concerned. The information I am using, is the information you will find on Australian food labels which is provided by Food Standards, Australia and New Zealand, NUTTAB 2010 if I cannot find the food in there I will use the Australian Calorie King database. These carb counts are more accurate then American sources due to the way carbohydrates are calculated and also do not include fibre, the carb counts will be calculated per 100g portions.

I have placed the various carbohydrate counts on separate pages to help with formatting, I hope you find this carb count list helpful