Carb Counts for Nuts and seeds

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Most nuts and seeds are low carb but I was quite surprised to see that pumpkin seeds are high carb. Of course with something like pumpkin seeds you need to consider how much you would actually eat.

Low Carb Nuts and Seeds (5g or less) per 100g
Almond 4.8g
Almond, blanched 3.9g
Brazil 2.4g
Coconut Cream 3.7g
Coconut, flesh mature 3.4g
Coconut, grated and desiccated 7.3g
Coconut Milk 2.0g
Macadamia 4.5g
Pecan 4.9g
Pine 4.5g
Sesame seed 0.9g
Sunflower seed 2.2g
Walnut 3.0g
Moderate Carb Nuts and Seeds (10g or less)
Hazelnut 5.1g
Peanut 8.9g
Pistachio 6.3g
High Carb Nuts and Seeds (10g or more)
Cashew 16.8g
Chestnut 29.7g
Pumpkin seed, hulled 13.7g