Carb Counts for Vegetables

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The good news is most vegetables are low carb! What I find interesting, is even though these are still high carb, white potatoes are lower carb then sweet potato. Personally, as long as you get good quality organic ones, I don't see a reason to replace potatoes with sweet potatoes during maintenance if you like them, you can reduce their GI by simply eating them with fat or fibrous veggies which most people do!

Low Carb Vegetables (5g or less) per 100g
Artichoke - Globe 1.3g
Asparagus 1.4g
Avocado - Fuerte, peeled 0.2g
Avocado - Hass 0.6g
Bamboo Shoots - canned, drained 1.3g
Bean, Broad 2.2g
Bean - Butter 2.3g
Bean - Green 2.7g
Broccoli 0.4g
Brussel Sprouts 2.1g
Cabbage - Bok Choy 0.6g
Cabbage - Chinese 0.9g
Cabbage - Mustard 0.7g
Cabbage - Red 2.7g
Cabbage - Savoy 2.3g
Cabbage - White 3.4g
Capsicum - Green 2.4g
Capsicum - Red 3.5g
Carrot - Mature 5.0g
Cauliflower 1.9g
Celeriac, peeled 2.8g
Celery 1.2g
Chicory / Curly Endive 0.8g
Chilli - Green 1.0g
Chilli - Red 4.2g
Chives 2.6g
Choko, peeled 3.6g
Cucumber - Apple Crystal 0.9g
Cucumber - Common 1.2g
Cucumber - Lebenese 1.9g
Cucumber - Telegraph 1.4g
Eggplant 2.4g
Endive 0.4g
Fennel 3.3g
Kohlrabi, peeled 4.2g
Leek 3.3g
Lettuce - Cos 1.8g
Lettuce - Iceberg 0.4g
Lettuce - Mignonette 1.1g
Melon - Bitter 0.2g
Melon - Hairy 2.0g
Mushroom - Common 0.3g
Olive, drained 2.6g
Onion - Brown, peeled 4.6g
Onion - White, peeled 4.8g
Onion - Spring 4.6g
Pumpkin - Golden Nugget, peeled 4.0g
Pumpkin - Jarrahdale, peeled 5.0g
Radish - Red 1.9g
Radish - White, peeled 2.9g
Shallot, peeled 3.2g
Silverbeet 1.1g
Snowpea 4.5g
Spinach - English 0.7g
Sprout - Alfalfa 0.5g
Sprout - Bean 1.4g
Squash - Button 3.2g
Squash - Scallopini 2.1g
Swede, peeled 3.7g
Sweetcorn - Baby, canned & drained 2.5g
Tomato - Cherry 2.2g
Tomato - Common 2.3g
Turnip - White, peeled 3.4g
Watercress 0.8g
Zucchini - Golden 1.1g
Zucchini - Green 1.6g
Moderate Carb Vegetables (10g or less)
Beetroot, peeled 7.7g
Broccolini, raw (calorieking) 7.3g
Carrot, Baby, peeled 5.5g
Pea, Green 8.3g
Potato - Carisma 9.0g
Potato - Spud Lite 8.9g
Pumpkin - Butternut, peeled 7.2g
Pumpkin - Queensland Blue, peeled 8.4g
High Carb Vegetables (10g or more)
Artichoke - Jerusalem 10.5g
Bean - Red 14.7g
Cassava - White, peeled 34.1g
Cassava - Yellow, peeled 26.7g
Parsnip, peeled 10.2g
Potato - Coliban, peeled 11.5g
Potato - Desiree, peeled 10.7g
Potato - New, peeled 12.8g
Potato - Pale skin, peeled 12.9g
Potato - Pontiac, peeled 12.6g
Potato - Red Skin, peeled 11.0g
Potato - Sebago, peeled 13.8g
Sweet Potato - Orange, peeled 14.1g
Sweetcorn, on cob 12.5g
Sweetcorn, frozen kernels 16.8g
Taro, peeled 23.4g