Atkins Diet - An Introduction to Low Carb

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Atkins is probably the most popular and well known low carb diet today, mostly due to the controversy that follows it. Whilst the controversy has brought a lot of attention to low carb diets, it also masks how succesful low carb ketogenic diets can be. People often criticize Atkins and label his low carb diet as a meat and fat only diet, but really this honestly isn't so. I have done the Atkins-diet myself and I can quite frankly say, that I ate more vegetables during it, then I ever did, and I have always loved my vegetables. I achieved this by ignoring the old generic cup rules during induction (I believe the cup rules have gone from newer versions) and instead focusing on my carb counts and the more lower carb counts of s... (read more)

Banting Diet

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William Banting is considered by many people today to be the father of low carbohydrate diets, the pioneer, where it all began... In 1862 after many years of trying to unsuccessfully lose weight and deteriorating health with many visits to the hospital, Banting came across an ear, nose and throat specialist. The specialist told him to cut out the beer, bread, butter, potatoes, starch and sugar. He then embarked on a diet consisting of lots of meat, lots of spirits, a little dry toast and a little fruit losing 46 pounds in the process. After such success he raised money and published his own booklet amongst other g... (read more)

Bodytrim Diet

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The Bodytrim Diet is a paid program where you purchase a "Bodytrim Diet Kit" that contains some DVD and CDs as well as reference guide that explains the diet. It also comes with some tools such as a food diary, tape measure and a pedometer, though a lot of people seem to complain about the pedometer. Having never purchased or seen the kit myself, I have no personal opinion other ... (read more)

LCHF/Scandinavian Diet

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LCHF stands for Low Carb High Fat. One difference between for example Bodytrim and LCHF is that when eating LCHF your protein intake stays approximately the same as before. When you cut the carbs, you increase the fat intake instead. LCHF is quite similar to Atkins - before Atkins started to become afraid of fat, plus selling a lot of low carb products that are anything but low carb... The focus on LCHF is REAL foods: Whole foods, organic where possible. The... (read more)