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Bodytrim Diet - Introduction / Review

The Bodytrim Diet is a paid program where you purchase a "Bodytrim Diet Kit" that contains some DVD and CDs as well as reference guide that explains the diet. It also comes with some tools such as a food diary, tape measure and a pedometer, though a lot of people seem to complain about the pedometer.

Having never purchased or seen the kit myself, I have no personal opinion other then feedback I receive on the forums since it first came out. On their website (at the time of writing this) they sell it for $199 I believe, it is available in shops also but I do not know the price.

Have I followed it? No, however, I do have plenty of knowledge on low carb and have various low carb books like Atkins already but some people really like it. With dieting, you don't really know until you try it but not everyone can afford the cost, so it depends on the individual. They do have a 30 day free trial. They also sell low carb products e.g. low carb foods like protein bars, something veteran low carbers often call "frakenfoods" but to be fair Atkins is also guilty of that.

Whilst, there's some things I don't like about it (e.g. low fat, frequent meals, free days in the beginning) it seems a lot better then the various shake diets and some popular, very low calorie diets which I am not a fan of. If you're one of those people that need a paid program to help you to be motivated enough to stick to a weight-loss diet, then this is probably one of the better ones.

Over the years we have had a lot of bodytrim followers posting on the forum asking various bodytrim related questions and sharing their experiences. I have collected this information from our low carb forum and our member experiences to provide this bodytrim review how it appears to be, to me. I would appreciate it greatly if someone following the diet, would help me out here with their own description in their own words, but I'll get it started:

You have 3 phases, and some general rules such as not going longer then 3 hours without eating and doing 10,000 steps per day for exercise (hence the included pedometer).

Bodytrim Phase 1

Phase 1 is where you eat protein only for 3 days. So basically, you have 3 snacks and 3 main meals of protein only. I believe you can have extra protein up to every hour if you're really hungry. My take over the years, are snacks are generally 50g -100g and mains 100g-150g where females generally eat 50g for snacks and 100g for mains and males have up to 100g for snacks and 150g for mains. A common confusion I have noticed is what this protein portion weight is. The weight is the actual protein food not the amount of protein in the food. So say you want chicken for your main then it means 100-150g of actual chicken.

This protein only phase is meant to be used to kill the cravings and get the water losses from depleting glycogen happening. You may feel yucky which usually is due to loss of electrolytes from that initial water loss.

Bodytrim Phase 2

Phase 2 is the weight loss phase. This is where you introduce other foods including the popular free day. So basically, you will have a week set out as 5 weight loss days followed by a free day and then a protein only day to help kill the cravings and water gain re-introduced by the free day, rinse and repeat.

The weight loss days involve the same protein meals as the protein only days but you can also add a carb serve to your breakfast meal as well as salads and veggies to your other main meals. There are rules as to what carbs and serving size you can include, as well as what salads and veggies you can introduce, some only being allowed 3 times a week and some not at all whilst low carb veggies and salads are unlimited - I assume because of their carbohydrate count.

The free day on Bodytrim, is where you can basically swap out two of your main meals with free meals of your choosing. All other meals remain as normal phase 2 meals. I urge you to please make your weigh in day is the morning of your free day, not after! The reason being, is that there will be a temporary increase in weight from the carbs that you eat on the free day, this is just due to the refilling of glycogen in the organs and muscles, each gram of glucose stores carries 3 to 4 grams of water with it and hence the weight increase. Your glycogen stores will decrease over the next 2-3 days following your free day. Remember, it's just water not fat - so ignore it.

Bodytrim Phase 3

Phase 3 is the maintenance phase, I don't have any information on this because I generally don't see people maintaining on it, that's not necessarily a fault of the diet but rather people may stop seeking support once they have reached their goal.

Of course, all the finer details will be in the Bodytrim Diet Kit you purchase but that's a quick run down to give you an idea

Sample Menus for Bodytrim

Some sample menus that our members have shared over the years on our forums.

Protein Only Menu/Meal Plans

Contributed by TLP:

  • 7am - 100g cottage cheese mixed with sugarfree maple syrup, topped with diet jelly
  • 10am - 50g rissole topped with low carb dip (my fave is wattle valley sundried tomato or roasted capsicum)
  • 1pm - 100g beef patty topped with low carb dip
  • 4pm - protein shake (mixed with water and 1 tsp flax seed oil)
  • 7pm - 100g steak topped with 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • 9pm - 100g cottage cheese mixed with sugarfree maple syrup, topped with diet jelly

Weight Loss Phase Menu/Meal Plans

Contributed by Chelles:

  • Breakfast: Japanese curry with potato in and 2 eggs
  • morning tea: cottage cheese cake
  • lunch: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms
  • afternoon tea: chicken drum (no skin)
  • dinner: spaghetti bolognaise without pasta or using zucchini as pretend pasta
  • after dinner: cottage cheese cake

Contributed by Penny Eyes:

  • Breakfast - Low GI Bread [my favourite] with either egg or bacon
  • Lunch - My special home made soups or a meat salad
  • Dinner - Meat, veg or salad
  • protein snacks, usually home made chicken in curry powder, boile egg, protein bar or protein snack, usually something left over from dinner day before.

Contributed by Newlife:

  • Breakfast - 1 Piece of low GI wholemeal/wholegrain toast with 75g of ham/turkey/chicken with sliced tomato and a slice of lite cheese.
  • Snack - a boiled egg
  • Lunch - tin of tuna (flavoured or not) with a really large salad and some yummy dressing ( I use Paul Newmans original one)
  • Snack - 100g of whatever protein portion I have in the fridge pre-made & measured
  • Dinner - stir fry or protein and salad. Tonight it will be fish!
  • Snack - boiled egg or a protein shake

Contributed by RuthJ:

  • B/Fast: porridge w. protein powder & sultanas
  • Snack: 50-100gms deli meat (depending if I've done exercise in the morn)
  • Lunch: Salad w. mushrooms, capsicum, spinach leaves, deli meat & mayo
  • Snack: Boiled Egg
  • Dinner: Grilled meat w. salad & sauce (like Bearnaise)
  • Snack: 2x Protein Balls

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