Recommended Low Carb Products

The Goodies section is where you will find some useful information on a few low carb items that will also help to contribute towards the running of A Pinch of Health.

The reason I made these pages is that this low carb website (A Pinch of Health) is something I provide for free and have been doing so since I took it over from the old owners in 2005. Naturally, it costs me to run and also takes up a lot of my time. I do love this website and community though, so it's not like it's a bad thing. I have learnt a lot through this experience, not just with dieting but also the experience of building a website which I enjoy. It's often suggested that I put up a donate button and allow people to donate, but I really don't feel comfortable with that.

Because of this, I decided recently to give people an opportunity to use my code/link if they plan to buy these products anyway, so that we both benefit. You will find pages to these products in the left menu plus I have also shared my shopping cart. My shopping cart will be in AUD so make sure to change your country and currency preference on the top of the page and your prices etc will change: iHerb Shopping Cart for ideas =)

Sadly, it seems there's been some changes of late with Iherb, changes to shipping to make it harder to get the discounted international shipping (lots of complaints on their facebook), discount for new customers gone, loyalty discount halved, reward/commission gone. To me it seems very shonky so I will look for other options and better value. I no longer recommend iherb.

The low carb sweeteners; erythritol and stevia I buy a lot from iHerb and I'm often asked for the links, so I thought I would put them here in their own section so that they're easy to find. Keep in mind the sweeteners are just the tip of the iceberg, it's the prices for the supplements that bought me there in the first place, so much cheaper then here in Australia. The links are special in that I use a special link that gives me a small commission. e.g. the code (RER863) I use for the stevia and erythritol give me 4% but I think it's only in the first year (which then scales down until it reaches 0) and only if you're a new customer, it also gives new customers a $5-$10 discount so we both benefit by using the code.

Not only that, once you become a regular customer you start getting additional discounts up to 14% I think

The postage is very cheap, their snail mail without tracking is $4 USD and their DHL express is a flat $8 USD up to a certain weight and then I believe it's an additional $1 per extra pound, very cheap!

The low carb sweeteners are something I always buy from Iherb because they're cheaper and the postage is also cheap - despite coming all the way from the US. The brand stevia I recommend, is again cheaper then here by a LOT because you can buy it in bulk but also I find it tastes much better! The product information says that they process it in a way to remove a lot of the bitterness that plagues pure stevia extract powders and thus something I highly recommend.

I also like to buy my supplements from there, which is how I discovered their web site in the first place, as a lot of supplements are so much cheaper then here in Australia and there's more variety. Also if you're into quest bars you can buy them cheap.

They're a great source for Great Lakes Beef Gelatin too!

I also use a shirataki noodles link because a lot of people seem to like them so again may as well use my link if planning to buy from there, doesn't effect the price but helps towards this website. They're low carb noodles and low carb rice called miracle noodles which are made out of konjac and have almost zero carbs and calories.