Low Carb Shopping List Staples

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Availability of low-carb foods, are one of the most fundamental things that make or break ones low-carb diet. Here, I have put together a food shopping list of common everyday low carb foods and staples our forum members' keep stocked up.

Low Carb Food Shopping Lists / Staples

We also have an old thread where some members' have contributed their commonly stocked low-carb foods, please feel free to add your own: Low Carb Staples

To compliment this you may find our carbohydrate count pages for common foods helpful, you will find it here plus I also have a page on how to get started with a low carb diet: Low Carb Diets: Everything you need to know to get you started Which contains very low carb food lists aswell as meal plans and tips.

Meat Fresh Herbs Pantry
T-bone Basil Almonds
Cheap beef cuts Coriander Cocoa powder
Beef mince Garlic Coconut-cream
Steak Parsley Coconut-dessicated
Lamb leg Oregano Coconut-oil
Lamb loin Rocket 85% dark chocolate
Lamb shanks Rosemary Diet jam
Lamb forequarter Thyme Diet jelly
Pork chops Diet soft drink
Pork mince Vegetables Erythritol
Rissoles/sausages Asparagus Hazelnuts
Avocado Macadamias
Poultry Bok choy Macadamia oil
Chicken breast Broccoli Pecans
Chicken mince Capsicum Protein powder
Chicken pieces Carrots Olive oil
Chicken whole Cauliflower Salmon (tin)
Turkey slices Celeriac Sesame seeds
Lots and lots of eggs Celery Splenda
Cucumber Spring water
Seafood Eggplant Stevia
Fish fillets Fennel Sugar free pancake syrup
Smoked salmon Green beans Sunflower seeds
Tuna Lettuce Tomatoes (can)
Shellfish Mushroom Tomato paste
Onion Tuna (tin)
Dairy Pumpkin Various herbs
Butter Spinach Various seasonings
Cream cheese Sprouts Various spices
Neufchatel Tomatoes Xylitol
Mini Phillies Zucchini
Ricotta cheese
Cheddar cheese Fruit
Parmesan cheese Berries
Grated cheese Lemons
Cream Melon
Whipping cream Rhubarb
Natural yoghurt Strawberries