30 Delicious Low Carb Snack Ideas!

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Check out our extensive collection of low-carb snack ideas and recipes suitable for various low carb diets.

Having a bunch of snack ideas for low-carb snacks at your disposal can be a real life saver when following a low carb diet without all of the processed junk. You can put these together at home with common pantry items, which will not cost you an arm and a leg. The best thing about making them yourself, is that you have full control over what's in them.

Let me know, if you have any more good snack ideas that you would like to share!

Low Carb Snacks for the Savoury Palate

photo of my low carb antipasto platter

  1. antipasto platter, keep a mini antipasto platter of low carb goodies in the fridge for snacking. What I did for the above photo can be found here: low carb antipasto
  2. hard boiled eggs.
  3. deviled eggs: there are many low carb friendly variations about, try our eggs recipe thread to get you started.
  4. olives.
  5. dill pickles.
  6. guacamole.
  7. grilled mushrooms: top mushroom caps with your favourite toppings or with a yummy cheese or mornay mixture and grill under the griller, yum!
  8. Stuff veggies like avocados, cucumbers and tomatoes with your favourite grated cheese or soft cheese mixture, set in fridge and then slice. You could also do this with other veggies and grill before serving.
  9. leftover or pre cooked chicken and or other leftover unprocessed meats.
  10. chicken wings marinated and grilled at home.
  11. homemade low carb meatballs, patties and rissoles!
  12. roll ups: you could use lettuce, sliced meat, cheese slices, lightly steamed cabbage leaves, thinly sliced grilled eggplant and fill with your favourite fillings and eat like a wrap!
  13. oopsie rolls / bread - very popular!
  14. pin wheels: like the roll ups but spread with a soft cheese mixture and roll up, set in the fridge and slice up to form pinwheels. If carb allowance and individual food tolerances allows try it using mountain bread!
  15. cubed cheese.
  16. cheese balls, make up a cheese mixture, something mild like cream cheese or more kick such as blue cheese or brie and try adding different flavours such as chives, avocado and chilli, you could even then finish them off by rolling in your favourite chopped nuts.
  17. celery sticks spread with cream cheese, home made dips or sugar free nut butters.
  18. low carb nuts like almonds, brazil, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans to name a few. A nice way to have them is to toast them in a little oil and season them with sea salt and crumbled dry chili's.
  19. roasted sunflower seeds.
  20. low carb nut and seed mixture.
  21. low carb crackers and dips, experiment with low carb dips and crackers using alternative flours. Try our low carb crackers thread to get you started: Low Carb Crackers

Low Carb Snacks for the Sweet Tooth

photo of one of my low carb peanut butter balls

  1. low carb peanut butter balls you can swap with any low carb nut butter to reduce the carbs even more!
  2. Sweet cheeseballs such as a cheesecake mixture, add berries or cocoa and shape into balls and roll over some chopped nuts or coconut, yummo!
  3. low carb protein balls very versatile and yummy.
  4. low carb trail mix recipe
  5. various berries, most common are blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. You could eat them alone or mixed with other ingredient like various soft cheeses, yogurts, cream and nuts.
  6. square of 85% lindt chocolate.
  7. homemade baked goodies like low carb biscuits, muffins and cake, be it savoury or sweet. Check our low carb recipes section for ideas.
  8. mini low carb cheesecakes or just mix up some cream cheese, sweetener, cream, flavouring (diet jelly, lemon/lime juice, vanilla, cocoa or fruit like berries or passion fruit) and set in small cups or ramekins. Try the cream cheese muffins which are popular.
  9. Fat Bombs such as these chocolate peanut butter fat bombs

We have a great thread for low-carb snack ideas called low carb snacks plus many recipe ideas in our low carb snacks recipe section of the forum.