Benefits of Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diets

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The Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diet Research section is a collection of various research into the many benefits of low carbohydrate diets such as Atkins, LCHF and ketogenic diets. Great for naysayers who like to demonise low carb diets, without ever reading into them. However, the intention of these pages aren't to prove that low carb is the superior diet and that carbs or even sugars are evil or that calories do not matter. Carbs and insulin, do have a purpose and low carb diets are not for every body. Some people do not function well - whilst others function best when carbs are low. Nor do low carbohydrate diets have to be ketogenic. Exercise will increase... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Autism

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"Gastrointestinal disturbances are commonly reported in children with autism, complicate clinical management, and may contribute to behavioral impairment. Reports of deficiencies in disaccharidase enzymatic activity and of beneficial responses to probiotic and dietary therapies led us to survey gene express... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Body Composition and Hormonal Response

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"In summary, a 6-week carbohydrate-restricted diet resulted in a favorable response in body composition (decreased fat mass and increased lean body mass) in normal-weight men. Our results indicate that endocrine adaptations may partially mediate the accelerated fat loss, in particular the decrease in circulating insulin concentrations." ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Bone Turnover

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"Although the patients on the low-carbohydrate diet did lose significantly more weight than the controls did, the diet did not increase bone turnover markers compared with controls at any time point. Further, there was no significant change in the bone turnover ratio compared with controls." Abstract: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Cancer

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"The ketogenic diet is used therapeutically for pharmacoresistant epilepsy and for "rare diseases" of glucose metabolism (glucose transporter type 1 and pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency). As metabolic reprogramming from oxidative phosphorylation toward increased glycolysis is a hallmark of cancer cells; there is increasing evidence that the ketogenic diet may also be beneficial... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

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"Low-carbohydrate diets appear to have beneficial lipoprotein effects in individuals with atherogenic dyslipidemia, compared to high-carbohydrate diets, whereas the content of total fat or saturated fat in the diet appears to have little effect." Full Text: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Childhood Obesity

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"The ketogenic diet revealed more pronounced improvements in weight loss and metabolic parameters than the hypocaloric diet and may be a feasible and safe alternative for children's weight loss." Abstract:... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Diabetes

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"The benefits of carbohydrate restriction in diabetes are immediate and well documented. Concerns about the efficacy and safety are long term and conjectural rather than data driven. Dietary carbohydrate restriction reliably reduces high blood glucose, does not require weight loss (although is still best for weight loss), and leads to th... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Eggs

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"Eighteen subjects were classified as having the metabolic syndrome (MetS) at the beginning of the study, whereas 3 subjects had that classification at the end. These results suggest that including eggs in a CRD results in increased HDL-C while decreasing the risk factors associated with MetS." &l... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Epilepsy

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"The past decade has been an amazing one for those interested in the KD. Its increasing use in children with difficult-to-control seizures has opened new vistas for these children and also for our understanding of epilepsy. Its potential use in adults by using a less restrictive Atkins diet may make a difference to this population as well. The diet's documented efficacy and tolerability have opened new hori... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Exercise

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[Note] There may be problems when partaking in high intensity exercise but you can get around this by targeting carbohydrates around these times. Some research here: Research on exercise and heart rate. "What of... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Gastroesophageal Reflux

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"Obese patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may experience resolution of symptoms utilizing a very low-carbohydrate diet. The mechanism of this improvement is unknown. This studied aimed to prospectively assess changes in distal esophageal acid exposure and GERD symptoms among obese adults initiating a very low-carbohydrate diet."... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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"Stool consistency improved from diarrheal to normal form. Pain scores and quality-of-life measures significantly improved. Outcomes were independent of weight loss." Abstract: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Kidneys

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"An obese patient with type 2 diabetes whose diet was changed from the recommended highcarbohydrate, low-fat type to a low-carbohydrate diet showed a significant reduction in bodyweight, improved glycemic control and a reversal of a six year long decline of renal function. The reversal of the renal function was likely caused by both improved glycemic contr... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Metabolic Syndrome

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"Despite a threefold higher intake of dietary saturated fat during the CRD, saturated fatty acids in TAG and cholesteryl ester were significantly decreased, as was palmitoleic acid (16:1n-7), an endogenous marker of lipogenesis, compared to subjects consuming the LFD." Abstract: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Mood

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"The HPLC diet was associated with significant reduction in depression and improvement in self-esteem. There was no change in any psychological measures for the LPHC group." Abstract:... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Muscle Mass

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"Although more long-term studies are needed before a firm conclusion can be drawn, it appears, from most literature studied, that a VLCARB is, if anything, protective against muscle protein catabolism during energy restriction, provided that it contains adequate amounts of protein." Full Text: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Net Carbs

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"Measures of "net carbs" often subtract out the carbohydrates due to sugar alcohols. The scientific basis for discounting all sugar alcohol effects is questionable. It is based on the assumption that all sugar alcohols behave the same in the body, and in a way that is significantly different than other carbohydrates - an assumption that is largely untrue" ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and PCOS

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"In summary, in this pilot study, a LCKD led to significant reductions in weight, percent free testosterone, LH/FSH ratio, and fasting serum insulin in women with obesity and PCOS over a six-month period." Full Text: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Protein

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"An increase in dietary protein from 15% to 30% of energy at a constant carbohydrate intake produces a sustained decrease in ad libitum caloric intake that may be mediated by increased central nervous system leptin sensitivity and results in significant weight loss... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Red Meat

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"Our results suggest that partial replacement of dietary carbohydrate with protein from lean red meat does not elevate oxidative stress or inflammation." Abstract: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Saturated Fat

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"Yet scientific evidence shows that this advice has, paradoxically, increased our cardiovascular risks. Furthermore, the government’s obsession with levels of total cholesterol, which has led to the overmedication of millions of people with statins, has diverted our attention from the more egregious risk factor of atherogenic dyslipidaemia." Abstract:... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Schizophrenia

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"She returned for a follow-up appointment 7 days after starting the low-carbohydrate diet. She was feeling well, and noted an increase in energy. She was seen again in clinic 19 days later. When asked how she was doing, she responded that she was no longer hearing voices or seeing skeletons. She first noticed this upon awakening about 8 days aft... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Thermodynamics

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"Forty-two percent of the increase in energy expenditure after the H diet was explained by the increase in gluconeogenesis. The cost of gluconeogenesis was 33% of the energy content of the produced glucose." Abstract: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet and Weight Loss

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"The low-carbohydrate diet was more effective for weight loss and cardiovascular risk factor reduction than the low-fat diet. Restricting carbohydrate may be an option for persons seeking to lose weight and reduce cardiovascular risk factors." Abstract: ... (read more)

Low Carb Diet Reviews

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"The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that has been used primarily to treat difficult-to-control (refractory) epilepsy in children. There are case reports and other evidence that adults with epilepsy may benefit from the diet. A less-strict regimen, such as a modified Atkins or low glycemic index treatment, may also be effective. Clinical trials and studies in animal models suggest that ketogen... (read more)