Low Fat and Very Low Calorie Diets: Gallstones

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When I began researching the risks of very low calorie and low fat diets, I was surprised at just how common gallstones really are, because of this I thought this should be discussed. It has been well documented that weight loss, in particular, rapid weight loss increases your chances of developing new gallstones. In more then one study, it has been shown that new gallstones have formed in as little as only 4 weeks into a VLCD (< 800 cal) [1]. One study claims 25-35% of people who experience rapid weight loss form gallstones after their VLCD diet [2] and another claims a higher percentage of 54.5% of subjects developing gallstones [3], not very good odds!... (read more)

Metabolic Damage

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An interesting video by BioLayne on metabolic damage, how to come out from it and how to avoid. Now granted, this is in the perspective of competitive female bodybuilders that go through cycles so that they can compete - but I have always felt that everyone can learn alot from bodybuilders, because if anyone pushes the boundaries, they do! I find it quiet scary to watch that these ladies with ev... (read more)

Rabbit Starvation, Sudden Death and Resting Metabolism.

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As discussed in the previous article, very low calorie diets can cause gall stones due to rapid weight loss as well as the lack of fat that is commonly seen on these diets. This, may also be a danger for low calorie diets which also commonly results in ra A concern is the sudden deaths associated with the liquid protein shake VLCD diets in the 70s and 80s. Now yes, there was a major issue with the type of protein used but it wasn't the only issue. Of course there have been improvements in the quality and thus safety of these liquid meal replacement diets over the short term (though they still carry lots of risks). However, they do not show any safety for unsupervised diets - ... (read more)

Research into the Dangers of Very Low Calorie Diets

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With the controversy surrounding the dangers of a particular very low calorie diet in low carb circles, I thought it would be a good idea to collect research on some of the dangers of very low calorie diets. If you see any that are not listed here whether it is old or brand new, please share.We have observed seven initially obese individuals who, during the course of a strenuous weight-reduction program, developed diabetes mellitus: non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in fi... (read more)