Privacy Policy

A Pinch of Health - Low Carb Australia, operates as an independent and free support forum and low carb information website. This privacy policy applies to the domain and covers both the forum and our articles and low carb recipe pages.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers what information we collect, why and what we do with it.

I am not a legal person and thus can only write this, to the best of my ability.

What information do we collect?

A Pinch of Health collects two types of information from you; firstly, we collect information that you voluntarily enter during the registration process if you choose to register. Secondly, we collect server log information such as your ip address, type of browser and version as well as the link/referrer that bought you to our forum such as Google and the search term you used.

What voluntary information, do we do collect during the registration process and why?

When you go through the registration process you give us your birth date, email address and time zone that you choose to view the forum in. This information is used to firstly verify that there is a real person registering to our forum and not a web spider/bot and to verify that you're an adult.

Due to the moderation process when you register to the forums; your information that you register with, such as your email and ip address may be cross checked with spam databases such as to ensure that you're not a known spammer which is against our terms of service.

Your email address is kept not only for verification but also so that you can receive addition subscription notifications or newsletters if you choose to receive them. We may also collect profile information such as a small description about yourself, homepage or diet you follow etc. but this is totally voluntary and you can remove or change this at any time through your profile settings.

What server log information do we collect and why?

When browsing our website, our server automatically collects log information for web statistics and security. This information is used to form statistics for monthly traffic and also to store security information in case of a bad event such as a hack attempt.

The information we collect for statistics, is information such as your ip address for geographical statistics and your browser information (e.g. Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) to give us an idea on what people use to browse our website so that we can optimise our website to enhance your user experience. We also collect referrer information such as the link you followed to find our website or the search engine and search term you used to find us.

For security, your ip (internet protocol address) address is logged as well as what you visit on our website so as to keep a log of any suspicious activity. Your ip is also collected to enable us to ban suspicious ips or ips of users that violate our terms of service. We reserve the right to report your ip for serious violations.

Other voluntary information, user generated content:

Any other voluntary information collected would be any forum, blog posts or article and blog comments and visitor messages on members' profiles, which you make public freely and voluntarily.

This information is there for the enhancement of our community as to the sharing and support amongst members and in the case of forum posts and comments, is not deleted unless it breaks our terms of service. It's freely viewable to all people that visit our website whether they choose to register or view anonymously and it may be picked up by search engines or scraped by bots. It is up to you, what you share, if you're unsure if something may be too personal, please don't post it!

You may edit forum posts for a short time until the timer expires so as to correct spelling errors etc. but once expired, any editing is up to the moderator or administrators discretion. Whilst you will still retain copyright, all original posts and threads will become the property of A Pinch of Health in such a way as a letter to the editor of a Newspaper.

We do also provide a private forum called Members Diaries where only registered users can view so that your more personal posts that you share, cannot be collected from search engines or anonymous visitors.

Other voluntary information, would be through the use of the private messages through our forum that either you send to others or that you receive from others. You're able to empty your inbox at any time. A Pinch of Health does not view your private messages; we consider that as very private.

Subscription and other Email Features Information:

You can subscribe to threads or ask to receive notifications for events such as when you receive a private message through your user profile. These subscriptions can be removed by yourself at any time through your user profile settings or through the unsubscribe link in any emails that you receive.

If you choose to enable users or administrators to be able to email you, then you may receive an email through the forum software, this feature does not give out your email address to users. Only Administrators can view your email information for administration purposes. We at A Pinch of Health, may send out the rare email from time to time such as website downtime notification, birthday or Christmas greetings etc. but you can elect not to receive these also through your user profile settings by choosing not to receive emails from Administrators.

For more information on how to do so, please visit your user account by clicking on your avatar in the top corner of the website then click on Settings which well then take you to your account page. From there go to Settings and you will find options in both Privacy as well as Notifications.

Other Websites

This privacy policy, does not apply to websites that link to us or are linked to from our website. Nor does it apply to any affiliate links that may be linked to from our forum or CMS pages to help with the costs of running this website. We do not accept any responsibility for any other websites; please view their own privacy policies before submitting any information to them.

Children under 13

Even though we are a general website and do not knowingly contain any adult rated content. A Pinch of Health does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If you're under 13 please do not provide any personal information to us, without the explicit consent of your parents or guardians.

Third Parties

A Pinch of Health does not sell your personal information to third parties. We do not tolerate spammers, content scrapers or other suspicious activity on our website and thus would never willingly give out your information such as your email address.

A Pinch of Health will only give out such information only when required to by law.


By the use of our website, you acknowledge and consent to the storage, transfer and use of your collected personal information collected from our website.

International Users

Even though A Pinch of Health is an Australian based website, please be aware our server is currently location in the United States - so any information is stored there and may be subject to their laws. By using our website, you consent to the collection, transfer and storage of your information in the United States of America.