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Below, you will find our rules and forum etiquette. We're an independent support community with the aim of supporting people with their chosen low carb diet with an emphasis of adequate calories and real food free of advertising, marketing and spam. :)

Hello, my name is Sherrie and I want to welcome you to our website!

When registering, you will have to confirm your email address to finish the registration process, sometimes the activation email will go to your bulk/junk/spam folder so please check there if its not in your inbox. If you still have problems, please email me from that same email address that you're registering with. Thanks :)

This forum has a strict NO SPAM policy, please do not register here to spam your website or wares, doing so will ensure an immediate deletion, ban and censor of your website. Spam includes, SEO spam, affiliate links, links to products you sell, advertising or soliciting people to them. A Pinch of Health also reserves the right to ban anyone listed on any spam databases, suspected of spamming or showing suspicious behaviour consistent with spamming or malicious activity.

Nowhere, within this website or forum should any material published, be taken as professional opinion or medical advice. Any reliance towards this website, shall be at the user's own risk.

This forum is an independent support community only, where members can feel free to share their experiences, journeys and thoughts. Any moderator or administrator of this forum or website, shall be treated no differently, we are all just every day people within this community sharing our experiences, journeys and thoughts. No-one within this forum or website are to be treated as a professional. If you seek advice from a medical professional, then please see your doctor.

Always, keep in mind when posting on the forum, that a persons expressions or feelings can't always be accurately conveyed within a post and thus, some posts may not come across the way the person intended. Please, always try to give the person the benefit of the doubt first.

We ask all members to refrain from personal attacks, insults or judgements. Remember, you are not in their shoes and you likely don't know enough about a person to make such judgements, nor know the effects of your actions on said person.

There will be members here, that follow various diets and have differing views on other diets, based on their own past experience or thoughts. Please try to allow each other the right to have an opinion and try not to take offence, if someone doesn't do well or like a diet that you're following. Their opinion is not directed at you, so please don't take it personally. We are all different and there is no "one size fits all". Of course, this forum is predominately a low carbohydrate based one, so please don't expect everyone to agree with you, if you come in saying "fat or meat is bad".

Due to the well known risks of very low calorie diets, this website does not wish to encourage and promote such diets and thus, requests all members to respect this wish. Please do not use this forum, as a medium for promoting or encouraging others to follow such diets. Having said that, every individual has a right to diet as they wish and should not be judged for their decision as an individual, as no-one but they, are in their shoes. They should also respect others choices, not to follow such diets.

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