Weight Loss Tools

This page is for the sharing of low carb weight loss tools that we find useful on our low-carb journeys whether they're ones we made ourselves or ones we find elsewhere. If you have a diet tool that you would like to contribute, please feel free!

Some links to low carb spreadsheets, weight loss graphs, shopping and other tools that our members' have contributed over the years:

Information on BMR, Calories and Low Carb Calculators

  • BMR and CALORIES Article on how to calculate your basal metabolic rate for SAFE weight loss.
  • Low Carb Calculators Calculators to help you calculate your calories and then your protein, fat and carbohydrate amounts (PFC) to help make tweaking your low carb diet easier.

Handy Weight Loss Tool Links

Handy tools already on the net like food databases, PFC calculators and the like. If you have any good ones you would like to share please feel free to let us know in our corresponding thread here on our forums.

Bodyfat Calculators:

Food Diaries/Journals:

  • FitDay - Online Food Journal (American) *Note* Americans include fibre in their carbohydrate totals on their nutritional information and labels but we don't.
  • Nutridiary - Free online food and exercise diary.
  • Calorie King - have both an Australian and an American website with an online food database that is free as well as other tools such as food journals if you sign up, I believe you pay for the American one, I am not sure if you still pay for the Australian version, it's changed a few times over the years.

Food Databases:

Firstly, I just want to add a note here that Australian food databses do not include fibre in their total carbohydrate count like American food databases do, so please do not subtract fibre from the carb count when using Australian nutritional information.

  • Calorie King (Australian) There used to be a lot of problems with their fresh food database as they used to get their information from the USDA but I believe they finally changed over to Australian/NZ Food Standards which are much more accurate, if you're ever unsure on an item - double check with our Foodstandards. The American site is here.
  • Food Standards Australia and New Zealand Nuttab 2010, this is the most accurate and gives a lot of info but unfortunately some foods are not covered.
  • Nutrition Facts & Calorie Counter This is American but its a really good tool no matter where you live, I love it! Carb Counter (American)
  • USDA US Nutrient Data Library, basically the US version of our foodstandards and not as accurate as ours as they calculate using the difference method - meaning things like ash are counted as carbohydrates.
  • Nutri-Facts

Glycemic Index

Other Tools: